Monday, October 1, 2012

Countdown Calendars. . . Anticipation (part 1)

Here I sit. My messy piles of stuff surround me in my office/bedroom. No, should be bedroom/office, but you can't find a place big enough to curl up for a nap! So what am I doing about the situation? Happily trolling the internet with a hot cup of coffee. This choice scares even me! 

Fall holidays are staring us right in the face along with the munchkins staring us somewhere in the midsection. Halloween is first on the list of food holidays so here we go down the "Yellow Brick Road" in search of fun to make and fun to use calendars that help us all contain our anticipation.

This might be for the over achiever, but it would be well worth the time!


This one may not be so labor intensive, but beware of the hidden notes behind the numbers!

A Classic

This is a close-up shot, but you get the idea.
Now time to get the spiders and other scary things out of my workspace. 
If you were looking for that kickoff calendar to football season--too bad, missed it already since it started in August! Maybe next century.

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