Monday, October 8, 2012

Fire Pits for Chilly Nights

This morning there was a definite nip in the air. I scurried back in from my morning outing and sat down with a warm cup of coffee to see what warming fall inspirations I could find.  

Growing up and living in the Midwest, hayrides and bonfires are favorite fall memories.

Here are some amazing fire features for coast, beach, yard, or campground.

The first three fit that WOW factor and would make a definite focal point no matter their location.

This next photo is fantasy, fun, and yes I would love to live next door to the people with this creativity.  Wouldn't this be great in a city where there is no front lawn and just that little fenced in outdoor space in the back?

Ah, now we are getting close to my favorite pyro-style. Great start on the kindling, but not seeing the big logs and turning stick anywhere. This could be it. raised block to start and finish the evening warming hands deciding who will be the evening's fire master. Love the Adirondack chairs, but they are a little bulky to move and turn when your front is hot and your back is cold or the smoke follows your beauty. 

All in all a fantastic set up in my mind.

And here is my winner! The positives: simple, from the coal bed you can tell it started small got bigger, probably a bit too big at one point, and it passes the warm toe test.
There is nothing better than resting you toes on the edge till they are toasty, but not burning rubber. That, if you didn't know is the real reason to keep a bucket of water handy when you have a fire. Oh, how I wish I could be at the most perfect fire pit on earth. Congratulations to the owner of the shoes!

Have warm and toasty dreams tonight!

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