Sunday, September 16, 2012

My Top 3 U.S. Coastlines

Let's take a quick trip to my five favorite coastlines with their natural beauty and unique character. My personal number one is Sanibel Island, Florida.

 Sunset strolls that make lasting memories.

 Sanibel Lighthouse on eastern end of island.

Gently lapping waves of the Gulf of Mexico
(The beach at our condo. Yes, this is a blatant ad.
Promise not to do it often!)

And that folks is why Sanibel Island will always be my number one choice. 
On to my second favorite coastline, Oregon's Pacific Coast.  As we go along you will notice that I will try to use as many of my own photos. Funny thing about my Oregon pictures, they were pre-digital and my camera took a swim while I was photographing at low tide and shifting sand. At least my husband was amused even if he didn't catch the camera.


Cliffs dropping straight into the unrelenting waves. 
photo credit:
The loud and violent waves show the real force behind them.

photo credit:

Starfish, anemones and mussels in tide pool rocks. It's amazing, the vibrant colors that will soon be back under the sea.
(My photograph would have looked just like that.)

Carla's coastal pick number three:  Lake Superior Coastline in Northern Wisconsin.

Gorgeous rock formations

Water is so clean and so COLD!

Small village with blue sky and bluer water.

You know, this post was titled "My Top 5 U.S. Coastal Beaches", I've done the top three. Enough is enough! But, I would love to here your votes for Top 3 and I'll post up the popular ones at a later date.

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