Thursday, January 3, 2013

January and Organization go Hand in Hand

January and organization go hand in hand in our "fresh start" mindset. Have we been taken in by more than a decade of advertizing? Probably. Will we be taken with all the organization sales? Most definitely. All those pictures with neatly stored items. Just flipping through a Container Store catalog gets the "neater me" juices flowing. 

The next organizing project on my horizon is one of the closets in our Florida condo.  We are going to be updating the bedrooms with fresh paint and accessories in the near future--more on that in as projects come into focus. Here are some of the options I have discovered so far.


The above closet system offers shelf & drawer space plus long & short hanging space.

Oh, this is just a dream closet I couldn't resist. Every girl can dream.

A very basic set up that offers shelf and hanging space. Installation looks simple enough.

This closet again has a variety of storage solutions. I like the bins/drawers and shoe storage.

Having had fun shopping for ideas now is the time to ask some serious questions. When planning a new or existing closet, there are some basic facts you need before you begin.
  • What do you plan on using the space for?
  • What are the dimensions of the storage space?
  • Do you have a dresser for folded clothes storage?
  • How many people will be sharing the space?
  • Will out of season storage be needed in this space?
  • What is your budget?
Plan on paper not in the store. Make a list of the items you will be storing.
  • How many long hanging items will you have?
  • Are most of your wardrobe made of separates or dresses?
  • Knowing the number of pieces in your normal wardrobe will help you decide how many inches of hanging space you will need. 
  • How do you prefer to hang pants, folded in half or straight? 
  • Do you have five pair of shoes or 15? Do you need special storage for your investment or just a space off the floor?
  • Accessories --Will there need to be space for ties, scarves, jewelry?
Once you make you list, and be on the generous side, measure the space you actually have to work with. Take into account the height and width of the storage space.  If you are coming out with way to much space look to see if an expansion is possible or if you need to look for alternative storage space in other areas. The worst thing to happen is to pick out a system that looks great in the store only to find out when you start loading it that it really doesn't have what you need.Follow this link to closet measurement guide. It has helpful information and approximate size allocations for planning how much space you need.  

I hope this inspires you to look around you home for a space to organize! I know I'll be checking out my northern closets just to see what can be improved.

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